Disclaimer of liability and reliability

1. Website content

The author does not give any warranty on accuracy, correctness, comprehensiveness or quality of the information. Claims of compensation for any damage, be it material or non-material through using or not using inaccurate information are therefore excluded, as long as there is no proof of the author having acted on purpose or in grave negligence.

Any information here is provided without obligation and no kind of agreement or contract is created between the users and the owners of this site. The author expressedly contains the right of making additions to, changing or deleting parts or even the complete website without any notice or terminating its publication.

2. Pointers and links

There are links and pointers to third party Internet websites contained in this website. These sites linked from the Schwul-Lesbische Volleyball-Liga e.V. website are not under the control of Schwul-Lesbische Volleyball-Liga e.V., so the author could only be liable or responsible in case of knowledge of unlawful content on such sites, and, if it would have been reasonable and technically possible,  to prohibit the use of unlawful content.

The author declares therefore, that no such content was detected at the time of setting the link. On the actual and futural appearance, content or authoriship of the linked sites, the author of www.schwuleliga.de has no influence. Therefore he distances himself from any changes made on these site after setting the link.

This declaration relates also to all links and pointers on this website as well as any open guestbooks, forums, link lists, mailing lists or any other kind of database, which are open to outside access.

For any illegal, faulty or imperfect content and damages caused by use or non-use of such information, the provider of the linked site is fully responsible, not www.schwuleliga.de, which merely provides the link.

3. Copyright

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The author reserves all rights to all objects of his own, used on this website. All use of these images, graphics, voice documents, video documents or text documents without express permission of the author constitutes a violation of copyright.

4. Data protection

If within this internet service there is the possibility to enter personal or business data (such as e-mail adresses, names, adresses etc.) the disclosure of these data is voluntary. The use and payment of all services on offer is permitted – if technically possible and reasonable – without disclosure of personal data or by using anonymised data or an alias.

The use of any contact data, published under imprint or the like, such as postal adresses, telephone or fax numbers and e-mail adresses by third parties for sending unsolicited information is prohibited. Legal action against senders of spam-mails in violation of this prohibition is explicitly reserved.

5. Legal effect of this disclaimer

This disclaimer is to be regarded as a part of the internet service which referres to it.

If, in parts or wording, it is not, or not any more, in line with the laws concerning, the remainder of the disclaimer shall continue in effect.