Social Media EN

The league has also recently become active on social media, currently on Facebook and Instagram. We hope that we will have a stronger presence here. But we can only do this with your support! As you have already noticed, all confirmed match days are published as events on Facebook. In the respective event, you can follow the matchday via the buttons “Committed” and “Interested”.

As a result, you will be reminded about changes and contributions to the respective matchday. In addition, you can make contributions within the events, such as photos of the match day or simply feedback about the day – the rule is: no hate and no agitation!

As the match days are considered public sporting events, photos can also be published without the consent of individual persons. Of course, we respect the basic rights of every individual and would like to ask you to use common sense when uploading pictures and text! You are welcome to contact if a photo should be removed. Below you will also find a link to our leaflet on the right to one’s own image, which you can also download.

You will find the familiar icons with the corresponding link to our website on the respective platform at the top right under the language selection or at the bottom right under the imprint