The Story of the League

In ist beginning the league was planned as being part of the European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF) to form a pan-European league. Due to the lack of interest in the other countries in 1991/92 preparations started to found a gay Volleyball league in Germany.

The SC Janus was the first to initiate the project. In cooperation with the Bonner Hupfdohlen, VC Phönix Düsseldorf and the Frankfurter Volleyball Verein they decided about the basics and rules of the league in Düsseldorf in February 1992. The associations and groups known in the German speaking area were informed and were encouraged to participate. Soon, there were several registrations (5 A-teams, 10 BB-teams und 3 B-teams).

Since more than 6 teams applied for class BB a preparation tournament was needed upfront. This event took place on 7th and 8th Nov 1992 in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf. As a result the Bonner Hupfdohlen were re-classified to level A as they had won the tournament. The last three teams were re-classified to level B. The other teams remained in BB.

Now the league could proceed.


In 1993 18 teams from 11 different associations participated in the league divided into three groups. The best team was Bonner Hupfdohlen.


In 1994 the no. of the participants reached 23 teams from 14 associations. Winner was AufRuhr I from Bochum.


In 1995 there were 22 teams from 13 associations. Team Vorspiel Berlin won the tournaments.


The first Swiss team was in 1996 Pink Chocolate from Basel. A total of 27 teams from 18 associations divided in 5 groups. The winner was again Vorspiel Berlin. During the regular meeting of responsible persons of each team in Nov. 1996 the decision was made to rename the league to „gay and lesbian volleyball league“ as it had not been thought to be a gay-only league. The team Aufschlag Wien was the first Austrian team to participate in this year’s league.


This year the most powerful team was AufRuhr I which had been second best in the previous season. Each year the team captains as responsible person for their teams met to have a business dinner. In Nov. 1997 it was decided to found an official association (e.V.).


34 teams started in 1998. They fought against degradation and for promotion in the levels A, B and three C levels. For the first time the best team was FVV I from Frankfurt in level A.


In 1999 34 teams participated. The winner in the A level again was FVV I from Frankfurt.


In the year of the millennium 36 teams were part of the gay and lesbian volleyball league. Best team in level A was Neckarnixen from Stuttgart.


37 teams participated in 2001. Once again FVV I from Frankfurt won in level A.


In 2002 35 teams took part; for the first time a Czech team from Praha entered the league. Champions became Neckarpritschen from Stuttgart.


36 teams participated in 2003. FVV I – Loreley from Frankfurt won in level A.


One year later the league grew to 40 teams. Between A and B a new level „B+“ was established. Again FVV I – Loreley from Frankfurt won.


Once again the league got bigger to include 47 teams in 2005. As an innovation a sole women league was created. Champions became Salt&Lemon Düsseldorf for the women class and Neckarpritschen from Stuttgart for the men.


In 2006 44 teams took part. Queerpass Dresden and SC Janus Köln won this year’s competition.


The league grew again. It included 50 teams in 2007. Among them were 5 women teams. As a new member a team from Regensburg participated. Winner for the women was again Queerpass Dresden and München I for the men.


In 2008 46 male teams started. Sadly, there were not enough teams for a women class. Teams from Zurich and Trier took part for the first time. The B+-level was separated into 2 classes. Winner was SC Janus Köln.


49 men teams with a new team from Oldenburg started in 2009. Again there were not enough women teams. Champion became team München I.


The league had 51 teams in 2010. The C-level was divided into 4 groups. Winner this xear was SC Janus Köln


48 male teams started in 2011. Winner of this year’s league became again SC Janus Köln.


In 2012 48 men teams started. For the first time a team from France participated. Also in the women field there was a movement. 3 teams were part of this year’s league. Champions became Nimm Du-Hamburg for the women and Gay Sport Zürich for the men.


A total of 52 teams divided in 4 women teams and 48 men teams took part in 2013. In this year the teams came from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, and from the Czech Republic. Winner was SC Janus Köln.


In 2014 four women teams and 56 men teams together built the league; once again also from foreign countries (Switzerland, Austria, France and Czech Republic). In the women group the team Stets Bemüht from Bremen won in only two days. In the men group the champion was Bella Block International from Hamburg.