The Q-Cup 2023 goes to KMP Stuttgart

On Saturday, July 15, the first cup match day, the so-called Q-Cup, took place in Stuttgart in hot temperatures. All top teams of last year’s season scoring tables were qualified. Due to some last-minute cancellations, six out of nine possible teams played in “everyone against everyone” mode to determine the first winning team of the Q-Cup.

After many exciting games, the team “KMP Stuttgart” could prevail at the end of the day and thus wins this year’s cup. Second was the team “Plan B” from Hamburg and third the “Phönix Ballstars” from Düsseldorf. The Q-Cup is a challenge cup and so we can be curious who will get it next year.

big thank you goes to the hosts from Stuttgart, the Blockbusters and KMP Stuttgart from the club Abseitz – and also to the board members Pät and Markus, who had a lot of extra work for the organization because of the last-minute cancellations. Anyway, the board congratulates the team KMP Stuttgart!

Medal teams of Q-Cup 2023
Medal Teams of Q-Cup 2023
Table Q-Cup 2023
Scoring Table Q-Cup 2023

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