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First matchday of the season completed

The 2023 season has opened, the first match day has taken place in the group B- East in Berlin.

Kuhlbojz from Prague were able to win their three matches without losing a set and have moved to the top of the table with 9 points. Leinebagger Hannover and Vorspiel Calling Berlin had to play four matches and could hold their ground with 3 and 2 wins respectively. Not so successful were the Unicorns from Vienna and the Rosalöwen from Leipzig, who only managed one win. And unfortunately the other team from Prague, Blend Ambition Alcedo Praha, is at the bottom.

But nothing is lost yet and there are still two more match days to go, so things can still change. The next match will take place on May 13 in Leipzig.

Season for C South completed

In the C level, the second group has also finished this season: As promoted to B- the team Bavaria Rosé Munich has won the lead in the table – but very close to the second – the Blockbusters Stuttgart.

Season B+ West completed

The first group in B+ has also finished this season: KMP Stuttgart has been promoted to A, whereas Weser-Nixen Bremen have to go back to B-. Also for InTeam Stuttgart it could be tight, because the worse fifth of the two B+ groups will also be relegated to B-. Let’s wait for the conclusion of the other B+ group.

Season for C West completed

Also the first C season is through for this year: On the last matchday in Cologne the promotion to B minus was determined: The Janus Brothers from Cologne narrowly edged out Warminia Bielefeld as table leaders.

Season for B- South completed

And also the third group of the level B- is through with their games. The Rosa Panther from Nuremberg won the promotion to B+. Unfortunately, the Vollez-Vous Freiburg from Breisgau have to be nominally relegated and play in C next season. But in the end, the delegates’ meeting in November will decide how the groups and seasons will look like for next year.

Season for B- East completed

The next season is over for this year. On the last matchday in Düsseldorf, the Phönix Ballstars were able to narrowly beat the Kulboyz from Prague in total to be promoted to B+. It was exciting until the last minute. Unfortunately, at the end of the day also the relegated team to C, the team Aufschlag Wien Unicorns Royal was determined.

Season for B- North completed

After the completion of the highest echelons of women and men also other echelons end the season 2022. The group B- North is through with the games and the promotion Plan B Hamburg to B+ is fixed. Congratulations to the group victory. Unfortunately the team Ostblock Berlin have to be relegated to C. But the final decision will be made in November at the delegates meeting.

The men’s relay champion for 2022 has also been found

In addition to the women’s championship title for this season, the best team in the men’s division has also been found: Bella Block International have once again become champions of the league. We congratulate the team on their title.
Unfortunately, the nominal relegations Team Munich I and Gay Sport Zurich from A to B+ are fixed – but a lot can still change until the delegates’ meeting.

Important deadline for registration is about to end on 31.01.2022

The next deadline for team registration for the 2022 season on 31.01.2022 is close. The following activities must be completed by then for each team:1. sending the registration forms signed by the players on the basis of the digital registration.

1. Sending the registration forms signed by the players basing on the digital registration.
2. Transfer of the membership fees for the registered players to the account named in the registration form.
3. Transfer or replenish the deposit for each team.

All this has to be done by the team managers in order for the team to be eligible to play in 2022. Please support us so that everyone can do their job as planned. Thank you very much!