That’s the League

The gay-lesbian volleyball league

The gay-lesbian volleyball league is a joint project of quite a few gay-lesbian sport clubs of Europe. The league was founded in 1992 and was limited to the borders of Germany. Since then the league is continuously growing even exceeding the borders of Germany.
Nowadays teams of five European countries take part: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and France.

Until now the part taking teams in the league show an excess of male members. The league is also open for woman. There even is a section just for lesbian teams and it is also allowed that mixed teams can take part. Up to two men can play in a woman team and up to two woman can play in a gay team.

Likewise the gay-lesbian league shall not be restricted to gay and lesbian participants. Nevertheless it is opened for everybody who is interested in playing volleyball. Heterosexual members and team are very welcome to join the league.

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