That’s the League

The Gay and Lesbian Volleyball League is a joint project of numerous LGBTIQ* sports clubs in Europe. When it was founded in 1992, the league was still limited to Germany. Since then, the league has grown steadily and has spread beyond Germany’s borders. Today, teams from up to five countries play in the league: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Poland.

So far, the participating teams are still predominantly male. However, the league is also open to women and, in addition to the women’s-only section, there are numerous mixed teams.

The league is also not limited to homosexual participants, but is open to anyone who enjoys competitive volleyball. Non-gay members are also always welcome. If you would like to take part in the league with your team, you will find all the necessary contacts for joining the league under Contact. We look forward to seeing you!

History of the League

The league was originally planned as a pan-European league as part of the European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF). Due to a lack of interest from neighbouring countries, preparations for a gay volleyball league in Germany began at the end of 1991.

The initiative came from SC Janus Cologne. Together with the Bonner Hupfdohlen, the VC Phönix Düsseldorf and the Frankfurter Volleyball Verein, they met in Düsseldorf in February 1992 and decided on the principles and rules of the league. All known clubs and groups in German-speaking countries were informed and invited to take part. Soon, numerous teams registered for different levels: 5 A teams, 10 BB teams and 3 B teams.

As more than 6 teams had now registered for the middle BB level, a preparatory tournament had to be organised. This took place on 7 and 8 November 1992 in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf. The Bonner Hupfdohlen were then placed in group A as the best team and the last three teams had to start in class B in the 1993 season. All other teams remained in level BB. You can find out more in the chronology.