Social Media

The league is also active on social media, on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Threads. With your support, we can create a strong representation here! All confirmed match days will be published as an event on Facebook and in posts on Instagram. In the respective event, you can follow the match day via the buttons “Confirmed” and “Interested”. The Whatsapp channel and Threads are more for micro blogging and only present interesting and entertaining facts.

So you can always find out about changes and contributions to the respective matchday. You can also create posts within these events or postings, e.g. photos from the matchday or simply give feedback on the day.
The rule is: no hate and no hate speech! #Netiquette

As match days are considered public sporting events, photos can also be published without the consent of individuals. Of course, we respect the basic rights of all players and would like to ask you to use common sense when uploading pictures and text! You are welcome to contact Patrick socialmedia[at] if you want a photo to be removed. Below you will find a link to our information sheet on the right to one’s own image for download.

Facebook: Schwul-Lesbische Volleyball Liga

Whatsapp: Kanal Schwul-Lesbische Volleyball Liga

Instagram: @schwuleliga

Threads: @schwuleliga