Assembly of Delegates 2021

We hope that the 2021 Assembly of Delegates can once again be held locally. After the Hamburg could not host the assembly due to the pandemic, but bought so much potato salad, Hamburg has won the bid again. Please note the 27th of november 2021.

Registration for Season 2021 is closed

On November 17th we have taken the online registration for the 2021 season offline and are happy that so many teams want to be part of it again.

If you would like to register a team at a later date, please contact the board of directors of the match operation to see if it is still possible to register at short notice.

Mourning for Frank Kouett

Frank Kouett

We bid farewell to Frank Kouett, who died on 4th of august 2020 at the age of only 57.

Frank was a founding member of the Gay and Lesbian Volleyball-League and served on the board for many years. We remember his tireless efforts to maintain and support the club. He was also the chairman of the Bonn volleyball club “Bonner Hupfdohlen”, with which he himself actively participated in the league.

Frank is and will remain a role model for all of us to put his work into the service of a good cause on a voluntary basis and with full dedication.

Thank you Frank for the great time we were able to organise, travel, negotiate and also play volleyball with you.

The new statutes are in force

On 22 January 2020, the new statutes were officially entered in the register of associations by the district court of Cologne. This means that the 2019 statutes, which were drawn up and adopted in 2019, are now in force and valid. Since then, the board and the association have only been working according to the new statutes.

About the League

The gay and lesbian volleyball league is a sports club which brings together volleyball teams from Germany and Europe playing in a regular competition. Most of our teams are members of LGBTI sports clubs. Altough our league is open for all people, who links to play volleyball and can identify with are values.

For any questions or we are reachable all the time.