Contact to the League

If you have got questions or suggestions of any kind, please contact a member of the executive board of the gay-lesbian league.

The executive board is separated in several sections. If you know where your questions or suggestions are placed best, contact the member who is in charge of it.

Finance and Accounting

Finanzvorstand Marco

Marco Vahldieck | Leverkusen


Since 2016 Marco is chief financial officer of the league and cares about all fincancial matters of the league and is your right person for following topics:

  • financial accounting
  • account management
  • payoff of matchdays
  • reimbursement of expenses
  • dunning

Score Tables and Organization

Vorstand Markus

Markus Moderer | Freiburg


Markus is member of the board since 2019 and responsible for the organization of matchdays, schedules and calculation of results. His duties include:

  • preparation of repertories and score tables
  • preparation of group proposal
  • other organizational tasks

Member Management

Christian Fricke | Hamburg


Christian manages all 600 members of the league and can support you, if you forgot how many players are registered in your team or if you are registered correctly yourself.

  • support for club members
  • late registrations and re-registrations
  • check of matchday results

Website and Design


Peter Neuhaus | Köln


Peter takes care of the league’s website and creates all forms, documents and other media of the league.

  • support of website
  • password magagement
  • production of medals
  • design of document and forms