Meister 2019 Bella Block International

Master of the League 2019

After the champion title went to the team Volup Warsaw from Warsaw in the last season 2018, the team Bella Block could assert themselves again this year and can call itself champion of the league 2019.

We congratulate the team of the club Startschnuss Hamburg to the new victory.

Meisterinnen der Liga 2019

Babajagas Berlin Masters of the League

For the fourth time in a row the women’s team of Babajagas Berlin won against four competing teams. The Babajagas could win all 8 matches and their place at the top of the table could not be taken away.


In the women’s level 2019 women’s teams from Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen played. Further teams for the coming season are very welcome. We would be happy to have at least 6 teams in the women’s relay in 2020.

21 points go to Prague

Team Blend Ambition Alcedo Praha took first place in level C East with a total of 21 points and was able to climb the podium at the second and last matchday in Berlin.

Level C East played this season only with 5 teams, so that two matchdays were sufficient.

Dobrá Práce, Lidi.

Annual Meeting 2019

The annual meeting will take place on 16th of november 2019 in Cologne. Read the first details about the event in the intranet and take care about you accommodation und your journey to Berlin.